Canal Digital to launch ADB box in September

Telenor-owned Canal Digital is to launch its new internet-connected set-top box from ADB in September, ahead of its earlier announced launch of a TiVo-based platform with more advanced functionality.

The box, which can allow users to access over-the-top services, will be launched across Canal Digital’s territories from September 1.

Speaking to journalists at a press event in Oslo, Canal Digital CEO Patrik Hofbauer said he saw place-shifting as the application with most revenue potential for the operator in the short term.

“We will launch the ADB box now – TiVo is a higher-end solution that will take longer,” said Hofbauer. He told DTVE Daily that the box would enable Canal Digital to provide some over-the-top services to subscribers. “It will enable us to commercialize web TV and OTT services,” he said, adding that he did not believe in offering completely open access to web services on the TV but that access to complementary content including YouTube clips could be beneficial. “We have to be careful. We want to have linear TV and on-demand TV on the web. We want to work together [with content providers] to see what rights we can get,” he said. “Broadcasters have launched their own services but we want to see how we can do it in a way that is easier to access and use.”

Hofbauer also said that Canal Digital was testing a TV app on the Samsung connected TV platform. “We want to see how this will work going forward – for now it’s a test,” he said.