Chello launches new kids channel for Hungary

Chello Central Europe has unveiled the official brand and logo for its new Hungarian children’s channel, Megamax.

The channel is targeted at 7-14 year olds and is set to launch on April 18. It will offer local Hungarian-dubbed versions of animation series including Transformers, Battle Force, Twisted Whiskers, Dex Hamilton, Iron Kid and Metajets.

“Megamax celebrates the core childhood concepts of fun and play and will feature rich storytelling with active, multidimensional characters and unexpected heroes. The channel will naturally benefit from the strong DNA of its sister channel, Minimax, which is already the leading kids channel in the region. We are hoping Megamax to soon become a strong home for an active and engaged audience” said Levente Málnay, CEO of Chello Central Europe.

The channel’s branding was developed by Red Bee.

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