DNA completes upgrade of network

Finnish telco and cable operator DNA has now upgraded its entire fixed broadband network, enabling subscribers to access high-speed internet services with download speeds of up to 200Mbps.

The upgrade brings DNA’s existing fixed-line business in line with the Welho cable network it acquired last year. From May, the cable network will deliver maximum speeds of up to 200Mbps, with an entry-level speed of 10Mbps. Approximately 900,000 Finnish households will be covered by DNA’s upgraded network, two thirds of which are covered by the cable network.

Separately, DNA has conducted a survey that found that over half of Finns now consume entertainment over the internet. People under 25 already consume more entertainment content over the internet than via traditional channels, according to the survey.

Over a quarter of Finns watch TV shows on their computer, and half have learned how to download or stream music, movies and TV programmes. The survey was carried out by Add Value, collecting survey online and by phone from 2,003 respondents. 

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