Cabot branches out into automated testing

DVB middleware specialist Cabot Communications has announced the commercial launch of a new automated hardware and software-testing framework for the digital TV industry that it says can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent carrying out key tests.

The new solution, Robotester, can test DVB-enabled devices in 5% of the time it takes a person to do it manually, according to the company. Bob Lamb, managing director of Cabot Communications said testing was becoming more complex as devices have to cope with new features including CI Plus, HbbTV and DLNA. According to the company, it takes an average of 100-150 days to carry out the up to 30,000 required tests but it claims Robotester will enable manufacturers and operators to perform 3,000 tests in six continuous hours. 

“Internally we’ve been using Robotester, which is a test tool for validating our core software. We identified that the testing of CE devices is becoming much longer. The time it takes for a TV manufacturer to validate the solution for the conformance regime in Europe, plus DLNA, plus IP functionality, plus browser etc, is growing exponentially. There is a need to reduce that overall timeline down. We have the middleware, we have the know how on TV deployments, on set-tops and DVRs etc and we also have the understanding of what it takes to get this into production,” said Lamb.

Robotester will operate under a new testing and testing services product line, running alongside the company’s core software business.

Last month Cabot announced the appointment of former Virgin Media systems integration manager Richard Carlton as head of testing services. “Delivering an automated solution into a business is complicated. It’s very difficult for a TV manufacturer or an operator to take an automated solution and convert all of its test scripts into something that the automated solution understands whilst continuing to develop their product set without investing in extra resources and time. We can provide a solution for them,” said Carlton. 

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