Netgem launches new connected set-top

French set-top provider Netgem has launched a new device that enables consumers to watch a mix of broadcast and internet TV services within a unified experience.

The N5000 series Netbox works with any internet source, regardless of connection type. It comes pre-loaded with various web applications including versions of YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. The UI can also be personalised by the operator or service provider and added-value services, such as VOD, catch-up TV or web TV channels can be integrated.
The N5000 includes a HD tuner, allowing end users to switch from internet services to TV services using the same remote control. Users can also choose to connect a detachable hard disk to the device, to allow them to permanently store video content recorded from the tuner.

Separately, Microsoft’s Silverlight and Play Ready plug-ins have been integrated into Netgem’s solutions in order to enable streaming of content and DRM management across multiple devices.

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