IPTV boosts Deutsche Telekom figures

Deutsche Telekom had signed up 971,000 IPTV subscribers in Germany at the end of the second quarter, up 75,000 quarter-on-quarter. Internationally, the Deutsche Telekom group had 515,000 IPTV subscribers at the end of June, up 40,000 quarter-on-quarter. Greek subsidiary OTE reported 30,000 IPTV subs at the end of the quarter.

In Germany, the operator had about 11.8 million broadband customers at the end of the period, up from 11.7 million quarter-on-quarter. Its fixed-line base has continued to decline, from 25.9 million to 25.5 million quarter-on-quarter. Internationally, Telekom’s broadband base grew from 4-4.1 million, while its fixed-line base declined from 12-11.7 million. Nevertheless, the company said that “the strategic focus on broadband and TV had a positive effect on growth and customer retention in the access business”, citing the 20% growth in international IPTV subs since the end of 2009.

Deutsche Telekom posted second-quarter revenues of €15.5bn, down 4.4% year-on-year. EBITDA was €4.5bn, down 10.9%.