ITV to be streamed to iPhones

UK commercial broadcaster ITV is to launch a free ad-funded iPhone app on June 11 to coincide with the World Cup, and has hired Red Bee Media to support the service.

The app, which can be accessed via the iPhone web browser at, will stream all content from ITV 1 and ITV 2 to which ITV owns the rights via 3G and WiFi. Users can display the app as an ITV brand icon on the iPhone screen.

The app will allow viewers to watch matches from the World Cup. All matches broadcast on ITV1 and some available on ITV4 will be available to view via the app. Red Bee Media’s broadcast data services will also deliver schedule information from the tournament.

Revenue will be delivered through pre-roll advertising and click-through horizontal banner ads. Advertising for the launch and for the first three months of operation will be handled exclusively by Mediacom and M4C.

“The ITV web app is a compelling offering that, using our sophisticated metadata platform, Teleview, provides ITV viewers with a much richer, branded service than other video streaming options,” said Alan Wright, chief commercial officer of Red Bee Media. “The delivery of the ITV web app, in time for the World Cup, has brought together our creative, data and media management services and perfectly demonstrates Red Bee Media expertise in executing a multiplatform strategy.”

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