Digital-terrestrial TV launches in Belarus

Service provider Cosmos TV Belarus has officially launched a digital-terrestrial TV service in the country’s capital, Minsk.

The project, which is supported by state broadcasting organisation BRTPTS, is initially offering eight free channels and a number of pay channels. Over the next few months a number of additional pay-TV channels will be added, taking the total to 28 for a monthly fee of BYR15,500 (€4.20).

The service is currently available within a 50km radius of Minsk’s Kolodishschi transmitter. The country has a target of making digital services available nationwide by 2015.

International channels currently available include Euronews, Eurosport, Animal Planet and Discovery, alongside two pay channels each from NTV Plus and Viasat as well as a number of local thematic services. Among channels set to be added by August are Discovery Investigation, TiJi, Viasat History and Viasat Explorer.

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