Pace first off the blocks with Freeview Plus HD DVR

Set-top supplier Pace has launched the first Freeview Plus HD DVR to be made available in the UK market.

The box, marketed under the Philips brand licensed by Pace following its acquisition of Philips’ France-based set-top activities, comes with a 500GB hard drive giving up to 125 hours of recording time in HD or 250 hours in SD. The device, the Philips HDT8520, provides one-touch and series recording, a three-hour buffer for time-shifting and two tuners. The box also provides 1080p HD upscaling, Ethernet connectivity and low energy consumption of 15W. The box is available from retailers including DSGi (Currys), Comet, Tesco, Richer Sounds and Amazon, with a recommended retail price of £299 (€346).

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