Sky Player available via Humax Freeview boxes

UK pay-TV operator BSkyB has signed a deal with set-top vendor Humax to make its Sky Player online service available on a new range of IP-enabled Freeview HD boxes.

Humax launched the UK’s first Freeview HD box, the Humax HD-Fox T2, in February. Sky Player will be available on this device as well as a HD DVR that Humax plans to launch soon. Sky Player enables Sky customers to access a range of live TV channels and a VOD service, with content coming from various broadcasters. Sky said the deal would enable existing customers to access live and on-demand TV in a second or third room, or for new customers to subscribe to Sky directly via a dedicated Sky Player TV subscription.

Sky Player is also available via PC, Mac, Windows Media Center, XBox 360 and FetchTV.


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