ADB integrates service monitoring from Mariner

Set-top vendor ADB has collaborated with IPTV monitoring specialist Mariner to offer an integrated service monitoring solution for IPTV set-top boxes.

ADB will integrate Mariner’s xVu service assurance suite with its latest IPTV set-top boxes. The solution will provide quantifiable metrics on the quality of the video, audio and performance of each set-top box in each home. It will give operators visibility into problems of long channel change times, errors within the video such as frame drop, and can proactively resolve them. “As operators continue to invest a significant amount of resources to acquire new subscribers, the importance on retaining these has never been higher. A key aspect to subscriber retention is video service quality,” said François Pogodalla, CEO of ADB. “Operators who deploy the joint Mariner-ADB system will be able to anticipate and more efficiently address service glitches, thus reducing disruptions and enabling a seamless consumer experience.”