BSkyB to buy 15,000 3D TVs from LG

BSkyB is to acquire 15,000 3D TVs from manufacturer LG in the largest deal of its kind to date. Sky plans to install the TVs in pubs and other public venues across the UK in advance of its move to broadcast weekly Premier League football matches in 3D this spring.

Sky plans to launch its 3D channel in April, following its test broadcast of a match between Arsenal and Manchester United in January.

“LG wants to enable more customers to experience 3D TV technology in action,” said Havis Kwon, executive vice-president and head of the LCD division of LG, in a statement. “Watching live 3D sports broadcasts in public areas brings fans as close to the game as possible without having to step into the stadium. These partnerships will help consumers become more familiar with 3D TVs and that can only be positive for the industry and for innovation.”

The news that Sky was in talks with LG emerged last month. The Korean company expects to launch its 47-inch and 55-inch models at the end of this month, to be followed by 60-inch and 72-inch models.

LG has already struck deals to supply 3D TVs to India’s Valuable Group for the broadcast in 3D of the final four cricket matches of the Indian Premier League in April and with CBS Sports and the National Collegiate Athletic Association to deliver basketball championship games in 3D. The group recently upped its estimate of 3D TV set sales this year from 400,000 to one million.

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