IPTV reduces Deutsche Telekom fixed-line losses

Deutsche Telekom had over one million subscribers to its domestic Entertain IPTV service at the end of last year, contributing to reduced line losses to its fixed-line network of 417,000 in the fourth quarter, the lowest since 2005.

Total fixed-line losses for the year were 2.1 million, 17% less than in 2008.

Telekom’s Greek subsidiary OTE reported a doubling of its IPTV base over the year to over 400,000, despite the financial crisis gripping that country. OTE’s broadband base was 3.8 million, up 15%.

Deutsche Telekom achieved its financial guidance for the year, with revenue up 4.8% to €64.6bn and EBITDA up 6.2% to €20.7bn.


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