Telekom Austria adopts Ericsson platform

Telekom Austria is the first major telco to publicly announce that it will use Ericsson’s IPTV platform.

Ericsson will replace and enhance the Austrian telco’s current platform, based on Alcatel Lucent’s technology. Telekom Austria will use the Ericsson platform to offer new features including an advanced graphical user interface, internet services to the TV, video-on-demand and recording functions, said Walter Goldenits, the telco’s chief technology officer.

As well as prime integration and consultancy services, Ericsson will provide its OpenStream IPTV middleware and WatchPoint content management system to help deliver content in different formats to multiple devices.

Telekom Austria recently revealed that it was delivering new connected home capabilities via AonTV Mediabox set-tops supplied by ADB, including the ability to view DivX video content on the TV.

Ericsson’s IMS-based IPTV system is designed to allow service providers to deliver content to multiple devices over multiple networks via a single integrated infrastructure.

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