BBC to launch iPlayer app for iPhones?

The BBC could be set to launch an official iPlayer application for the iPhone.

Internet bloggers have been quick to point out that in its latest monthly iPlayer press pack, which provides usage stats for the on-demand catch-up service, the BBC has included a screenshot showing an iPlayer application running on an iPhone over a WiFi network. The BBC has not officially confirmed that the application actually exists, but it has already optimised the iPlayer website for use on iPhones.

The latest statistics reveal there were a record 53.2 million requests for TV programmes on iPlayer in October, up from 44.5 million the previous month. The computer remains the most popular platform for iPlayer viewing, accounting for 85% of requests. The iPhone/iPod Touch and Sony PS3 games console are proving relatively popular, representing 7% and 6% respectively.

An episode of Question Time, broadcast on October 22, was the most popular programme in October, with 928,000 requests, followed by episode one of Life, with 664,000 requests.