Canal Overseas launches DVR with NDS

Canal Overseas, a subsidiary of French pay-TV operator Canal Plus Group in charge of French overseas territories, is introducing a DVR service with a Flash-based electronic programme guide developed by NDS.

Canal Overseas has deployed a new version of NDS MediaHighway set-top box software to power its satellite pay-TV service. The new version of MediaHighway automatically downloads new software to each set-top, enabling it to detect the addition of an external hard drive and format the drive for use as a DVR. Subscribers can upgrade to the DVR service by renting a Western Digital 500 GB hard disk to connect to their dual-tuner Pace set-tops via its USB port.

his is the first DVR service for Canal Overseas markets across the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. NDS said it will be available to French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa and the South Pacific in the near future. The new version of NDS MediaHighway will also enable Canal Overseas to offer catch-up TV services in the future.

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