Ziggo CI Plus to be available by month-end

Dutch cable operator Ziggo expects that Common Interface Plus CAM modules will be available in stores in its franchise areas by the last week in August, according to local press.

The CI Plus CAMs from an un-named manufacturer will reportedly cost €79.90, including smartcard. Ziggo is expected to produce a list of CI Plus-certified devices within the next two weeks. Subscribers with CI Plus-compatible TVs who currently use Alphacrypt CI modules will be given two weeks to swap over the modules before their screens go black. Ziggo was the first cable company publicly to endorse the CI Plus standard, which is designed to enable a horizontal market for devices that can receive pay-TV services.

Separately, Ziggo has added programming from Travel Channel to its video-on-demand catch-up service. Subscribers with interactive digital boxes who take the package that includes Travel Channel will be able to view content on-demand via Ziggo’s Oost Gemist service. 

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