Ono loses subs as revenues fall

Spanish cable operator Ono lost 10,000 customers during the second quarter of the year, ending June with 1,835,000 cable subscribers.

Ono said it had taken steps to implement various “barriers to entry to ensure that new customers are profitable”, while the economic climate also impacted the number of new subscribers.

The operator said it was focusing on selling bundled services and as such total RGUs stood at 3.9 million, up slightly year-on-year, with 1.7 million taking telephony services (89.8% of customers), 1.3 million taking broadband services (71% of customers) and 991,000 taking TV services (54%). ARPU during the quarter was €51.2, down €2.1 on the previous year, which the cable operator put down to lower consumption in telephony and TV as the La Liga football season ended in May.

Ono reported revenues of €380m for the quarter, down 6% year-on-year while EBITDA was up 1.6% to €180m.