Deutsche Telekom strikes VDSL wholesale deals

German telco Deutsche Telekom has struck wholesale deals with telcos 1&1 and Vodafone that will enable the pair to become the first competitive operators to provide VDSL double-play services over Telekom’s network.

Vodafone has already signed a contract to provide the service, while 1&1 has reached an agreement but has yet to sign. Telekom is offering a deal whereby the wholesale price will be reduced depending on how many customers an operator signs up. The initial price will be €25.36 for a 48-month contract and €26.28 for a 12-month contract.

Telekom, which is keen to prevent what it sees as excessive regulation of its next-generation network, has stressed that the deals show it is able to strike “market-based” deals with competitors. The operator opened the network up to other operators in March.

Telekom’s VDSL network is currently available in about 50 German towns and cities, with plans in place to expand to a further 13.

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