Deutsche Telekom launches Bundesliga marketing campaign

German telco and IPTV operator Deutsche Telekom has launched a marketing campaign for its coverage of the Budesliga football league, which it has branded LIGA Total.

The operator will broadcast 612 matches during the 2009/2010 season on its T-Entertain IPTV platform, for which subscribers will pay €14.95, or €19.95 for high-definition coverage. The first three months will be free-of-charge. All live matches will be free from advertising, Deutsche Telekom said. In addition, subscribers will be able to access highlights packages from all matches 30 minutes after the game has finished, as well as an archive of all matches played during the season.

Subscribers can also receive all live matches and highlights via mobile phone for €4.95 a month, or €1.95 for 24 hours.

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