WiFi 6

Bouygues Telecom first in France with new superfast WiFi 6E

French service provider Bouygues Telecom is to begin commercialising its new WiFi 6E-enabled modem, the Bbox 6, on April 25. The launch will make Bouygues the first in the French market to launch a WiFi 6E modem. The company has already tested the devices with a few hundred selected customers. The launch follows French telecom […]

AirTies unveils line-up of WiFi 6 products

Wireless technology specialist AirTies has unveiled its line-up of products for the new WiFi 6 standard. AirTies has introduced a new, dual-band Wi-Fi 6 Extender, a tri-band Wi-Fi 6 Extender, and a Wi-Fi 6 router. In addition to increased speed and capacity, Wi-Fi 6 products are designed to support the growing density of connected devices […]