Video Trends Report

TiVo: multi-service use now the norm with Netflix ‘essential’

Multi-service use of pay TV and OTT offerings is becoming the norm, with the average North American household using 2.75 services, up 26% since 2017, according to TiVo. The company’s latest Video Trends Report found that Netflix was the service most frequently selected as ‘essential’ to how consumers receive entertainment, with 52.7% of respondents choosing […]

Ideal North American pay TV package 17 channels, says survey

Most North Americans would, on average, choose 17 channels to make up their ideal pay TV line-up and pay up to US$38 a month for it, according to a new survey. The Q1 2015 Video Trends Report, by TiVo-owned search and recommendations provider Digitalsmiths, found that 81.6% of respondents would like to select only the channels […]