Tom Wheeler

NCTA hits back at FCC set-top plans

The National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA) has hit back at FCC plans to “unlock the set-top box” in the US market. On a conference call this week, NCTA president Michael Powell said the FCC proposal would take up to seven years to fully implement, by which time the video market may look very different […]

FCC outlines plans to ‘unlock the set-top box’

The FCC has outlined proposals that could allow US pay TV customers to use software, devices and other solutions to access content instead of traditional set-top boxes. Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler said that the proposal would “tear down anti-competitive barriers” and “unlock the set-top box”, paving the way for new offerings to compete […]

FCC opts for strong net neutrality and divides opinion

The US FCC has adopted strong net neutrality rules, going beyond goals set by FCC chairman Tom Wheeler last year and reclassifying broadband providers as telecommunication services under Title II of the US Federal Communications Act, effectively subjecting them to stronger regulation.  “There are three simple keys to our broadband future. Broadband networks must be […]