Pixelmetrix launches low-cost OTT quality assurance product

Quality assurance specialist Pixelmetrix has launched OMG-Lite, a lower-cost version of its existing OTT Media Grinder product. According to Pixelmetrix, the OMG-Lite provides multi-client simulation at a price level comparable to a smartphone. Pixelmetrix has upgraded the OMG to provide service quality analytics, and says that the OMG-Lite is designed to provide a simple but […]

Pixelmetrix to launch Pelican range

Pixelmetrix will use IBC to launch the Pelican family of video encoders. The device, smaller than a 3.5-inch hard drive, is designed to facilitate remote news gathering, enterprise video, hospitality, government, education and healthcare applications. The Pelican comes with a built-in HTML5 web interface to ease set-up and configuration. All models – SD, HD and […]

Pixelmetrix teams up with Verimatrix for OTT monitoring

Quality assurance specialist Pixelmetrix and content security provider Verimatrix have teamed up to offer what the pair describe as a systematic test approach for secure video service delivery. The pair will integrate the Pixelmetrix OTT Media Grinder (OMG) QoS/QoE solution for OTT with the Verimatrix VCAS content authorisation system. The combined solution is designed to […]