Pixelmetrix launches low-cost OTT quality assurance product

Quality assurance specialist Pixelmetrix has launched OMG-Lite, a lower-cost version of its existing OTT Media Grinder product.

According to Pixelmetrix, the OMG-Lite provides multi-client simulation at a price level comparable to a smartphone.

Pixelmetrix has upgraded the OMG to provide service quality analytics, and says that the OMG-Lite is designed to provide a simple but effective source of information about service quality.

Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, the OMG-Lite can generate up to 1 Gbps of OTT client traffic, and emulating up to 10 clients, all while collecting comprehensive measurement data, according to the company.

The device collects Quality of Service statistics on the seven VideoMargin metrics defined by Pixelmetrix as well as other performance information, including HTTP error codes.

“We’re observing steady demands and streams of encouraging feedback from customers and prospective customers alike, on our OMG  offering. While the OMG-Lite fits well on a shoestring budget, there is no shortfall on functionality. It’s all about customers’ choice – compared to more complicated products on the market, customers can choose any combination of the OMG-Lite and/or full-featured OMG to best suit their environments,” said Pixelmetrix CEO Danny Wilson.

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