Kalejdo Bredband

SPI International launches Gametoon HD in Sweden

Channel provider SPI International’s has launched gaming channel Gametoon HD in the Swedish market through a new agreement with Swedish TV provider Kalejdo. The deal extends the existing carriage of SPI channels on Kalejdo’s platform to eight channels in total.  Kalejdo, which already features SPI channels such as 360TuneBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox, and FilmBox Arthouse, will […]

Kalejdo Bredband rolls out new TV model in Jonkoping

Sweden-based Kalejdo Bredband, which operates an open IPTV platform that can be used by multiple network operators, has launched a service in the city of Jonkoping in partnership with public housing group VätterHem and local broadband operator WetterNet. Kalejdo will provide set-top boxes to VätterHem tenants, which will be included in their rent and will […]