Kalejdo Bredband rolls out new TV model in Jonkoping

Sweden-based Kalejdo Bredband, which operates an open IPTV platform that can be used by multiple network operators, has launched a service in the city of Jonkoping in partnership with public housing group VätterHem and local broadband operator WetterNet.

Kalejdo will provide set-top boxes to VätterHem tenants, which will be included in their rent and will be a standard utility for each apartment. VätterHem has built its own IPTV service including the display of data such as temperature and water and electricity usage as well as instruction videos, news and information and a messaging service. Tenants will be able to choose their own TV provider.

Kalejdo’s TV platform is based on Motorola Dreamgallery software and Motorola set-tops, with the tenant-centric services developed by consultancy Indentive.

Kalejdo Bredband operators IPTV services across six broadband networks with seven service providers.

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