SPI International launches Gametoon HD in Sweden

Channel provider SPI International’s has launched gaming channel Gametoon HD in the Swedish market through a new agreement with Swedish TV provider Kalejdo.

The deal extends the existing carriage of SPI channels on Kalejdo’s platform to eight channels in total.  Kalejdo, which already features SPI channels such as 360TuneBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox, and FilmBox Arthouse, will be the first to introduce Gametoon HD to Swedish viewers.

Gametoon HD focuses on gaming and e-sports, featuring exclusive content created by top YouTubers and Twitchers, highlights of popular video games, video game tournaments and other content.

“With an ever increasing number of people that are into e-sports, Gametoon HD is the greatest companion for the latest news, games, and updates. We are very happy to present to the Swedish market a completely new TV-channel with high-quality content. Game on!” said Erik Dahlström, CEO of Kalejdo Bredband.

“We are happy to announce the addition of our e-sports and gaming channel, Gametoon HD bringing exclusive content to the demanding and ever growing Swedish gaming community. Kalejdo has been a key launch partner to SPI in Sweden and I am sure this is a relationship which will go from strength to strength,” said Georgina Twiss, managing director southern and western Europe and Africa at SPI International.

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