Intertrust Technologies

Freesat chooses Intertrust’s ExpressPlay CA for UHD TV

UK free-to-view satellite platform Freesat has chosen Intertrust Technologies to provide content security for 4K UHD TV content. Freesat will use Intertrust’s new cloud-based conditional access security technology, ExpressPlay CA. ExpressPlay CA uses the Marlin open standards-based DRM system to protect and mangage content and is available on a wide range of set-top boxes and […]

Intertrust adopts Civolution’s NexGuard watermarking

DRM consortium Intertrust Technologies has added session-based video watermarking from technology provider Civolution’s NexGuard unit to its ExpressPlay DRM service. NexGuard watermarking technology allows copyright holders to identify the source of unauthorised distribution, including after a movie leaves the encrypted digital domain of a DRM system, according to Civolution. ExpressPlay using Marlin DRM is widely […]

Arkena and Intertrust agree OTT delivery deal

Arkena and Intertrust Technologies Corporation have formed a partnership to deliver premium OTT services.  Under the agreement, Arkena’s new OTT Service Manager will include technology components from Intertrust’s SyncTV platform and DRM from Intertrust’s ExpressPlay service. ExpressPlay is a cloud-based DRM provider based on the studio-approved Marlin protection technology. “Intertrust’s partnership with Arkena unites two […]

Intertrust launches ExpressPlay cloud-based content protection

DRM consortium Intertrust Technologies has launched ExpressPlay, a cloud-based content protection system that it says will enable service providers to protect content including video, audio, ebooks and games. ExpressPlay works with existing Marlin-enabled connected TVs and set-top boxes, including the UK’s YouView platform and HbbTV-based products, as well as with iOS and Android apps, according […]