Intertrust launches ExpressPlay cloud-based content protection

DRM consortium Intertrust Technologies has launched ExpressPlay, a cloud-based content protection system that it says will enable service providers to protect content including video, audio, ebooks and games.

ExpressPlay works with existing Marlin-enabled connected TVs and set-top boxes, including the UK’s YouView platform and HbbTV-based products, as well as with iOS and Android apps, according to Intertrust.

Intertrust is also providing an embedded software development kit on request for device manufacturers, and a content packager to enable service providers to ingest content.

ExpressPlay supports Marlin DRM and adaptive bit-rate technologies including MPEG-DASH and HLS. Service providers currently using Intertrust Wasabi content protection and other media devices supporting Marlin will work with ExpressPlay, according to Intertrust. The ExpressPlay service and the ExpressPlay SDK are provided by Intertrust subsidiary Intertrust Cloud Services.

“We want to make it really easy for service providers to deliver high-value content to their customers on multiple devices”, said John Gildred, vice-president of product management at Intertrust. “Using Internet content protection has been too difficult for too long, and there is no reason for this. ExpressPlay takes all the guesswork out of the setup process. Service providers can setup the protection solution and app development for their service within a day. We think that this is something revolutionary and game changing.”

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