G-Core Labs

G-Core Labs integrates HESP for low-latency streaming

Cloud and edge solutions specialist G-Core Labs has integrated its CDN with the High Efficiency Streaming Protocol (HESP), which it says will enable low latency streaming with up to two-second delay. G-Core Labs has joined the HESP Alliance and integrated the HESP protocol into its content delivery network. HESP is an adaptive video streaming protocol […]

G-Core Labs launches new CIS PoPs

CDN technology specialist G-Core Labs has launched three new points of CDN presence in CIS countries. The international cloud and edge solution provider has opened new CDN points in the capitals of Armenia and Azerbaijan, Yerevan and Baku, and launched an extra CDN cluster in Kazan in Russia. It says that the point of presence […]

G-Core Labs launches new streaming platform

Luxembourg-based cloud solutions provided G-Core Labs has announced the launch of a new streaming platform. The new G-Core Labs platform is a turnkey solution for live video and VOD streaming in up to 4K quality. It promises a delay of up to 4 seconds and a capacity to broadcast to an audience of upwards of […]