Euroconsult predicts fourfold growth in satellites over 10 years

Research outfit Euroconsult forecasts a fourfold growth in the number of satellites driven by commercial constellations through to 2031. Euroconsult anticipates over 2,500 satellites to be launched on average every year – or seven satellites a day totaling 3 tons of mass – over 2022-2031. Civil government and defense customers will remain legacy customers, holding […]

Broadband and non-geostationary satellites driving growth in HTS sector

High-Throughput Satellite capacity is expected to expand dramatically over the next five years, but with growth primarily driven by non-tradtional non-geostationary satellite constellations focused on delivering broadband capacity according to a report by Euroconsult. Global HTS capacity supply is expected to grow at a 45% CAGR, surpassing 60,000Gbps of capacity, according to the report. Non-geostationary […]

COVID-19 hits satellite sector, but video decline reflects HTS development

Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) operators have been hit significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those involved in the mobility business, while an ongoing decline in demand for video capacity is set to continue, according to a report by satellite research outfit Euroconsult. Euroconsult’s FSS Operators: Benchmarks & Performance Review reported increased competition and strong impact […]

Satellite data revenues ‘to surpass video’ by 2022

Wholesale revenue for data applications will surpass video revenues for satellite operators globally by 2022, according to data from Euroconsult. While market erosion since 2014 was mostly due to oversupply in some regions and the impact of high throughput satellites, the market will soon be overtaken in importance by data, according to the research outfit. Euroconsult beleives […]

HTS satellites set to take up slack as capacity price pressure bites

High-throughput satellite (HTS) services will enable growth in the overall satellite communications market despite a rapid decline in traditional fixed satellite capacity sales over the next 10 years, according to Euroconsult. According to the satellite research group, annual regular capacity revenues will decline by US$2 billion (€1.67 billion) over the forecast period, thanks to intense […]

1,400 satellites expected to launch over next 10 years

The number of satellites for commercial and government applications is set to grow more than the market value of the business over the next decade, with an average of 140 satellites with a launch mass over 50Kg expected to launch each year, according to research by Euroconsult. According to the Satellites to be Built & […]

Mobile African spectrum land-grab could threaten vital services, says report

A spectrum grab in Africa by the global wireless industry could undercut the continent’s economies, and pose a threat social and public safety services by disrupting mission-critical satellite services, according to a study by Euroconsult for the European Space Agency. Euroconsult, looking at three individual country markets – Angola, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of […]

FSS satellite industry struggling to find new growth opportunities

The global fixed satellite services industry generated revenues of US$12.2 billion (€9.13 billion) last year, representing modest growth of 2%, with the majority of operators experiencing a slowdown, according to research by Euroconsult. According to the research group, 60% of revenue-generating FSS operators experienced a slowdown in 2013 compared with the prior year. Ten operators […]