Cable Congress 2018

IHS highlights cable growth areas and points to priorities

Cable operators should look to aggregate online content, invest in new smart home opportunities but in partnership with the likes of Google and Amazon, and prepare for 5G in mobile to develop new growth opportunities while maintaining the existing strength in multi-play and broadband, according to Ted Hall, director of research and analysis at IHS […]

Viacom could take Paramount+ to new markets

Viacom’s Paramount+ set-top application in the Nordic markets could be expanded to other markets, according to James Currell president, UK, northern and eastern Europe, Viacom International Media Networks. Paramount+ has seen strong take-up, according to Currell, interviewed on stage at Cable Congress in Dublin. The application, which offers VOD content from Viacom pay brands and […]

CableLabs: innovation will future-proof cable networks

Ongoing innovation will enable cable operators to continue to use their HFC networks while staying ahead of the competition, according to Chris Lammers, chief operating officer of CableLabs. Speaking at Cable Congress in Dublin, Lammers said that the latest iteration of the cable broadband standard, DOCSIS 3.1, will deliver 10Gbps upstream and 1Gbps upstream, but […]

NCTA: regulators need to end ‘mindless’ net neutrality obsession and take on big tech

Regulators need to stop obsessing about “outdated” net neutrality and address the more pressing need to regulate the activities of internet technology giants, according to Michael Powell, president and CEO of the NCTA. Speaking at Cable Congress in Dublin, Powell said that the war over net neutrality is dominating debate in the US and taking […]