VPRT: German audiovisual market to exceed €11bn in revenues

The German audiovisual media market will generate revenues of more than €11 billion for the first time this year, according to the VPRT. The German commercial broadcasters’ association said in its annual report that revenues across TV, video, radio and audio will grow 6.2% this year or €650 million to a total of €11.1 billion. […]

German TV and video advertising market set for growth

The German audiovisual advertising market should see growth of between 3% to 4% this year, taking total sales to €5.7 billion, with TV advertising growing by between 2% and 3% to €4.5 billion, according to figures compiled by the country’s commercial broadcasters’ association, the VPRT. The TV forecast is on the low side relative to […]

EU Parliament calls for TV, film to be left out of US trade talks

The European Parliament has called for TV and film services to be left out of upcoming trade negotiations between the EU and the US.  In a resolution adopted yesterday, the European Parliament said it was essential for the EU and its member states to “maintain the possibility of preserving and developing their cultural and audiovisual policies, […]