VPRT: German audiovisual market to exceed €11bn in revenues

The German audiovisual media market will generate revenues of more than €11 billion for the first time this year, according to the VPRT.

The German commercial broadcasters’ association said in its annual report that revenues across TV, video, radio and audio will grow 6.2% this year or €650 million to a total of €11.1 billion.

Last year, Germany’s audiovisual market accounted for sales of €10.4 billion, which was up 7.5% or €730 million on the 2014 figure.

“Audiovisual media is now one of the main drivers of growth and innovation in the German economy and we see extremely good market prospects in the audiovisual field in the coming years,” said VPRT CEO, Hans Demmel.

However, he added that the the extent to which this potential can be realised depends to a large extent on the creation of fair conditions so that domestic players can compete against international rivals.

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