ARCEP says regulatory framework should depend on goals

French communications regulator the ARCEP has published its reflections on the reform of audiovisual sector regulation following a move by the French government to investigate whether telecom and TV regulation should be brought closer together. The ARCEP said that whether a move to bring together the regulatory bodies responsible for telecom and TV regulation – […]

Three in five French DSL lines now bundled with TV

Some 12.8 million of France’s 21.5 million DSL lines installed were coupled with a TV service at the end of June, representing penetration of 60%, according to the latest survey by telecom regulator ARCEP. France had 23.3 million broadband lines installed as of the end of June, of which 760,000 were very high-speed subscriptions, according […]

ARCEP to set out QoS indicators for broadband providers

French communications regulator ARCEP is to set out quality of service indicators for fixed-broadband networks by the end of this year to better enable the tracking of quality of internet access services. The indicators will be measured and made public, complementing similar measures in place for mobile networks. ARCEP said it may also set minimum […]

ARCEP to work on regulatory reform proposals

French telecom regulator ARCEP is to consult on the government’s recently announced plan to reform media and telecom regulation in France and more closely align the work of ARCEP and media regulator the CSA. ARCEP said it would lend its expertise to facilitate the government’s investigation into how media and communications regulation could be evolved […]

French government to bring media and communications regulation together

The French government has given three of its ministers the task of reforming the country’s media and communications regulatory regime by bringing together media regulator the CSA and telecoms watchdog ARCEP. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has asked culture and communication minister Aurélie Filippetti, digital economy minister Fleur Pellerin and productivity minister Arnaud Montebourg to come […]

ARCEP launches consultation on net neutrality

French telecom regulator ARCEP has launched a public consultation on net neutrality following a request by the country’s parliament. Parliament has asked the regulator to consider issues of internet transparency, quality of service, interconnection and traffic management. ARCEP’s starting point is a series of six principles outlined two years ago. The consultation will be open […]

ARCEP to launch consultation on DTT transmission business

French telecom regulator ARCEP is to launch a public consultation on its analysis of the country’s digital-terrestrial TV transmission market, focusing in particular on whether transmission services provider TDF enjoys a dominant position. According to ARCEP’s analysis, while TDF has a dominant position in the market, with numerous constraints – notably the need to build […]

France sees high-speed growth

France had 555,000 very high-speed internet subscribers out of a total of 22 million fixed broadband subs at the end of the second quarter, according to telecom regulator ARCEP. The regulator’s latest survey showed that FTTH subscribers grew from 138,000 in March to 155,000 in June, while other very high-speed subscribers (overwhelmingly cable subs) grew […]

France implements Telecom Package

France has finally passed the EU’s Telecom Package into law, three months after the original deadline. The adoption of the package will enhance the powers of telecom regulator ARCEP, giving it the authority to force a functional separation of France Telecom if the latter is deemed to have too much power in the market, and […]