ARCEP to set out QoS indicators for broadband providers

French communications regulator ARCEP is to set out quality of service indicators for fixed-broadband networks by the end of this year to better enable the tracking of quality of internet access services.

The indicators will be measured and made public, complementing similar measures in place for mobile networks. ARCEP said it may also set minimum quality of service requirements. The plans were outlined in the regulator’s latest report on network neutrality, submitted to the French government and parliament last week.

ARCEP has also undertaken an inventory of traffic management practices implemented by operators. The regulator says that certain practices – including service blocking for IP voice and peer-to-peer on mobile networks – go against the framework it set out on net neutrality two years ago and should be steadily eliminated.

ARCEP said that the interconnection model between internet providers needed to be better understood and regulation strengthened, and that there needed to be improved transparency in the way information was provided to consumers.

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