Three in five French DSL lines now bundled with TV

Some 12.8 million of France’s 21.5 million DSL lines installed were coupled with a TV service at the end of June, representing penetration of 60%, according to the latest survey by telecom regulator ARCEP.

France had 23.3 million broadband lines installed as of the end of June, of which 760,000 were very high-speed subscriptions, according to ARCEP. Of those, some 247,000 were FTTH lines.

The number of very high-speed lines grew 200,000 over the year, while the overall number of broadband lines grew by 1.3 million. DSL represents 95% of the installed base.

Revenue from fixed lines fell by 2.3% to €3.9 billion. However revenue from broadband has continued to grow by between 6-8% for the last four quarters and by the end of June represented 65% of the overall fixed-line pie, up 5% as a share on last year’s figure.

Tags: ARCEP, France

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