ATU votes for no change on UHF spectrum

The African Telecommunication Union has come out publicly in opposition to the reallocation of the UHF band and C-band to mobile services. At its final preparatory meeting in Nairobi, Kenya, ahead of the forthcoming WRC-15 conference in Geneva in November, the ATU agreed a common position opposing the allocation of the 470-694MHz and 3600-4200MHz bands […]

DTT ‘must evolve’, says Digital UK CEO

Digital terrestrial television “must and will evolve” to adapt to new technology and web connectivity, according to Digital UK chief executive Jonathan Thompson. In Digital UK’s ‘Free to view TV for the connected age’ update, Thompson said that Digital UK’s priority over the coming months and years will be to adapt and to make sure […]

Rules set for French 700MHz auction

The French government has finalised the conditions for the sale of frequencies in the 700MHz hitherto used for digital-terrestrial broadcasting to mobile telecom providers. Economy minister Emmanuel Macron and the secretary of state for digital, Axelle Lemaire, have signed off on the conditions, based on proposals from telecom regulator ARCEP, that should see the frequencies […]

Germany closes €5.08 billion spectrum auction

German regulator, the Bundesnetzagentur, closed its mobile broadband spectrum auction on Friday, raising a total of €5.08 billion. Germany sold blocks of spectrum to Telefonica Germany, Telekom Deutschland and Vodafone – who paid €1.20 billion, €1.79 billion and €2.09 respectively. In total 270Mhz of spectrum was sold across various frequency bands, including 700Mhz, which is […]

French operators await 700MHz allocation

French telecom regulator ARCEP is expected to unveil details of its plant to allocate UHF spectrum in the 700MHz band imminently, following the completion of a study by a dedicated team of engineers, lawyers and economists, due to be submitted tomorrow. According to newspaper Les Echos, ARCEP and the government have been seeking a way […]

GSMA calls for ‘timely release’ and further review of UHF spectrum

Mobile industry body the GSMA, has called for a “timely release” of the 700 Mhz band for mobile use, and an accelerated review of the sub-700 Mhz UHF band. The GSMA, which represents mobile operators around the world, called on the European Commission to support requests for release of the 700MHz band for mobile use “preferably […]

Broadcasters slam “few traces” of Lamy report in Digital Single Market proposal

Broadcaster lobby group Broadcast Network Europe (BNE), under the banner of the Wider Spectrum Group, has called on the European Commission to provide greater long-term legal certainty that sufficient spectrum will be made available to preserve terrestrial broadcasting alongside mobile broadband. In an open letter to EC president Jean-Claude Juncker, the group called on the […]

Germany names bidders for 700MHz as EBU sees signs of support from EC

The German Federal Network Agency, the Bundernetzagentur, has revealed that three companies will take part in the bidding for mobile broadband spectrum due to kick off on May 27. Telefónica Deutschland, Telekom Deutschland – the domestic arm of Deutsche Telekom – and Vodafone will take part in the auction, which will see 270MHz of spectrum […]

GSMA: EC risks falling behind without “greater flexibility” on 700MHz

The European Commission needs to show “greater flexibility” in making 700MHz spectrum available for mobile broadband and should support the release of UHF spectrum between 2018-230 “and potentially earlier”, or risk falling behind other advanced markets, according to mobile industry association the GSMA. Responding to the conclusion of the consultation period on the Lamy report […]

Germany outlines plans for 700MHz auction

The German government has announced that it will auction two blocks of spectrum in the 700MHz band, currently used for digital-terrestrial broadcasting, for mobile broadband.  The government will divide the two 30MHz blocks into lots of pairs of blocks of 5MHz ahead of the auction, with a minimum price of €75 million per lot. Winning […]