The Digital TV Europe Industry Survey 2017

DTVE-Survey2017_640x170The Digital TV Europe Annual Survey 2017, the digital video industry’s most wide-ranging summary of industry experience and opinion, once again distils what top executives are thinking about all the key topic areas discussed at conferences and trade events.

The survey is based on the responses of over 380 industry executives from 42 countries to a series of questions on six hot topics.

In addition to assessing views on the overall digital TV landscape – including the overall prospects of the pay TV business, the advent of OTT TV and changing patterns of consumer behaviour – we drill down to look in detail at the industry’s view of virtual reality and 360° video, Ultra HD, OTT TV, big data and next-generation video delivery technology. The impact of OTT TV services and technology is one of the principal overarching themes of this year’s survey.

First, virtual reality has been a hot topic for the past year, and we look at how VR and 360° video could have an impact on the entertainment business, taking in the appeal of the format to consumers and the kind of content that could succeed in the market.

Next, we highlight the industry’s views on Ultra HD TV and HDR, assessing likely factors for success and how important HDR will be to the overall Ultra HD TV experience.

Third, we look at trends in OTT TV, including the growing importance of live streaming and Quality of Experience.

We also assess the potential of big data to shape the OTT TV experience and deliver additional revenues and new business models for service providers.

Finally, we look at the migration of video to IP and assess the impact of adaptive bit-rate (ABR) encoding and the emergence of OTT as a mainstream video delivery technology.

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