Alvalinks unveils IP video-aware network observability suite

AlvalinksTech outfit, Alvalinks, has launched a live IP video network observability suite, Cloudrider, which proactively analyses the health of the network.

Cloudrider delivers a single pane of glass aimed to simplify and automate troubleshooting for live video delivery over the Internet, that drastically reduces time to resolution and ensures operational efficiency.

The company said Cloudrider is the first true network observability SAAS platform designed for media applications. The network is able to pinpoint the root cause of outages and errors in a video stream, according to Alvalinks. It gathers real time stats, IP flows, and toolsets to evaluate the broadcast and media network performance.

Alvalinks explains Cloudrider is able to alert video providers of any packet loss, by comparing packets and bitrate both at source and delivery. It provides accurate network intelligence, including information on jitter, latency, and minimum optimal buffer for delivery, said the tech company.

Customers include technology vendors and service providers, using Alvalinks to monitor networks for their own customers, as well as multiple large broadcasters worldwide.

Adi Rozenberg, co-founder of Alvalinks, commented: “Alvalinks was founded to bridge the gap between networking complexities, and the absolute need to leverage live video over the internet. When dealing with live video, it is simply not sustainable if it takes several weeks to solve errors, as is often the case. This is making streaming over the Internet cumbersome and needlessly difficult. We provide the tools to give video providers complete observability and peace of mind, helping them maximise the benefits of live video over the Internet.”

Gabriel Kerner, CEO, Alvalinks, added: “Video providers are under increasing pressure to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer habits, where agility and flexibility are key when creating and making live video content available across the world. This is accelerating a transition to cloud workflows and internet delivery, however until now there has been no way to continuously observe the network and pinpoint errors, in real-time, with that delivery. We believe this technology changes the game for live video delivery.

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