Nagra unveils multi-DRM solution

Kudelski Group-owned Nagra, has launched its multi-DRM solution, a core module of the company’s Active Streaming Protection framework, on the AWS Marketplace. 

The multi-DRM solution has been built for SaaS-based modern cloud environments and utilises services such as Amazon EKS, OpenSearch, S3 and RDS.

Its key features include scalable content protection solution optimised for high-demand content such as live sports, centralised dashboards that provide visibility of key demand peaks and integrated content wizards to efficiently set parameters for a range of content packagers. In addition it has the ability to integrate Nagra secure player SDKs within existing applications and has issue resolution support through built-in debug tool, as well as, Support and Professional Services

According to the company, the multi-DRM solution provides AWS customers with a 30 day or 1,000 license free trial to validate and test the solution within their applications.

Sebastian Kramer, SVP product management & business development said, “Nagra aims to make its leading solutions as accessible to the market as possible. Offering our multi-DRM solution for sale in the AWS Marketplace is the first of several capabilities from the NAGRA Active Streaming Protection framework that we’ll be offering to AWS customers via the AWS Marketplace. Used by global video service operators worldwide to secure their content, we’re excited to now bring this solution to a much broader audience.”

Nagra multi-DRM solution is now available for purchase via a SaaS pricing model on AWS Marketplace.

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