ThinkAnalytics teams up with MoEngage to boost user engagement

Tech company ThinkAnalytics has entered into an agreement with the customer engagement platform MoEngage to deliver AI-based tools to brands to experiment with strategies and techniques that optimise omnichannel marketing campaigns for increased user engagement and content ROI.

The partnership will enable media and entertainment brands to hyper-target and personalise viewer’s experience by blending ThinkAnalytics’ data sets on viewer preferences and audience segments, with a brand’s warehouse or CDP, and insights from the MoEngage AI. Brands can use this combined behavioural and CDP data to manage, monitor, and refresh the user experience on the fly, deepening the relationship with users across social platforms, email and more.

According to the companies, brands will be able to optimise the customer/viewer experience right from onboarding where it enables brands to build a 360-degree profile for its anonymous users on web and app. This will help them serve personalised, dynamic, on-site and in-app messages to nudge the anonymous visitor to complete the subscription process.

Raviteja Dodda, CEO & Co-Founder at MoEngage said, “In the times we live in today, publishers no longer decide the best content to serve to their viewers and customers. Today’s customer is used to having options available to them for everything. This isn’t just true for the retail and E-commerce brands but also for the OTT and Entertainment industry. Providers have to fight tooth and nail to get their customer’s attention and keep them coming back in this race of digital-first, highly-personalised consumer experiences.”

Samuel Sweet, International CEO at ThinkAnalytics added, “The combination of our AI personalisation and content discovery with MoEngage’s analytics and omnichannel engagement gives customers the power to increase engagement and drive loyalty. With common customers – such as Britbox International, Sony and Deutsche Telekom – we can now demonstrate how such brands can benefit from our combined solutions to hyper personalise cross-channel communications and targeted marketing campaigns.”

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