Redge Media taps Media-Press.TV to improve content discovery experience

Redge Technologies’ end-to-end OTT platform Redge Media has partnered with the streaming metadata outfit Media-Press.TV to enhance the company’s content discovery experience for its clients’ end-users.

Launched in 2007 Redge Media provides an end-to-end OTT platform for broadcasters, telcos and content owners which consists of two layers. Redge Media SDP handles content, user, and service management, along with applications for various devices. While, Redge Media VDP provides transcoding, security, and video content distribution, including CDN.

Redge Technologies said Media-Press brings an extensive expertise in EPG metadata.

Media-Press.TV specialises in multilingual TV and streaming data available throughout Europe, providing streamlined solutions. Its processing manages extensive datasets and schedules, providing clients with customised metadata.

Bartosz Lewandowicz, Board Member of Media-Press.TV said: “The partnership with Redge Technologies is a step that goes beyond our previous activities. We believe that this synergy will enable us to provide our customers with accurate and extensive information, making it easy for them to find what they would like to see.”

Przemysław Frasunek, CEO of Redge Technologies, added: “This is another step towards our goal of offering a one-stop-shop that covers not only the technology, but also the metadata and, in the future, the content. Working with Media-Press demonstrates our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional streaming solutions. It showcases Redge Media’s modular, open-standard platform, further enriched by Media-Press’ EPG metadata expertise. This synergy enables broadcasters, telcos and content creators to fine-tune their offerings and improve customer engagement.”

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