TCL debuts streaming service with over 200 FAST channels

TV manufacturer TCL is to debut its new online streaming service TCLtv+ in North America with more than 200 FAST channels, as well as content from Fremantle, NBC Universal and Banijay.

The streaming platform launches with more than 1500 on-demand films and TV series from content providers including Scripps Media, Fremantle, NBC Universal, FilmRise, Banijay, and more

TCLtv+ is an enhanced relaunch of its TCL TV Channel which will have an advanced viewing experience using Ideo technology. The interface was designed to customise interactions for a new and individualised way of consuming entertainment.

Utilising the Ideo technology TCLtv+ features include interactive on-screen experiences, instant summaries and detailed recaps of shows, exclusive insights into actors, a suggested viewing option and a new food ordering platform for home deliveries.

TCLtv+ Live feature will have more than 200 channels from major distributors and studios, providing personalised recommendations for local news along with diversified choices for Hispanics, African Americans, Asia Pacific Americans and  LGBTQ+.

TCL’s new service will also offer YourTV+ which will provide more than an 100 titles, with new titles added every week from content providers.


TCL has also teamed up with tech partners Amagi, XUMO, Wurl, OTTera, and Future for content launch and distribution. The group is also working with strategic providers to develop its IDEO content, such as Brainstorm Media, Questar Entertainment, Big Media, Nicely Entertainment, Viva Pictures and Tesera Entertainment.

Mark Zhang, president, TCL North America said, “TCL is constantly innovating and looking for ways to offer our customers greater value and more importantly, a better experience. Providing free content plays a huge part in our continuing success so we are excited make our mark on the streaming world with TCLtv+.We are always listening to what consumers want and with TCLtv+, we’re responding to their desire for more content and new experiences. TCL is making entertainment look good with high-quality picture performance on our TVs and elevating the content by making it free.”

“With our trusted partners, who are also on the cutting edge of technology, TCLtv+ will bring premium content to its FAST Channel and AVOD (Ad-Supported Video-on-Demand) viewers. TCL’s new customized content strategy brings the next generation of TV to audiences with a broader, more dynamic library of streaming channels,” added Haohong Wang, general manager, TCL Research America. “Our award-winning smart TV lineup has continued to raise the bar for consumers seeking the very best in entertainment, pushing the boundaries of what world-class products can achieve. And now, TCL is ushering in the future of television with viewing enhancements through IDEO that makes watching content on TCLtv+ a deeper, more interactive experience.”

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