Fuel TV strikes FAST deal with Sling Freestream

Action sports provider Fuel TV, the global leader in action sports content, has struck an agreement with FAST sports streaming service Sling Freestream.

This partnership allows Sling Freestream subscribers access to all of Fuel TV’s programming, a mix of adventure, competition, urban culture and nature lifestyles.

Fuel TV says that the partnership between it and Sling Freestream will provide opportunities to better serve its current viewership while attracting new customers among the action sports audience.

Through Sling Freestream’s streaming service, Fuel TV delivers a lineup of sports, including skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, motocross, and more.

“We are very happy to join forces with Sling Freestream as it allows us to keep expanding our reach within the American market,” said Fernando Figueiredo, CEO of Fuel TV.

“Besides being Fuel’s original birthplace, the US has always been at the epicenter of action sports, and this collaboration allows us to acknowledge our roots while continuously embracing these new models of content distribution. By integrating Sling Freestream’s channel offer, we can continue to nurture our relationship with American viewers and showcase the remarkable athletes, live events and creative lifestyles that define the action sports landscape.”

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