Iceland tops European internet value survey

fibre broadbandIceland has the fastest and best-value internet in Europe, followed by Spain and Romania, according to a study by VPS Server, in which the UK scrapes into the top 10 at number eight.

VPS Server said it analysed average internet speeds, the percentage of households with access to the internet, the cost for 1GB of mobile data and the average price for broadband internet in compiling the list.

In Iceland, 98% of households have access to the internet and the average speed is 216Mbps. While prices average out at £60, the combination of quality and accessibility puts the country in top spot.

In Spain, 96% of homes have access to the internet with an average speed of 115Mbps. Spain is also relatively cheap. One GB of mobile data coasts an average of £0.47 and broadband costs £24.

In Romania only 89% jof homes have access but the average speed is a respectable 112Mbps. The country is catapulted into the number three slot by its value for money, with broadband costing £5.90 and 1BG of data costing £0.35.

The remainder of the top 10 are, in order, France in number four position, followed by Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Liechtenstein, the UK, Malta and Poland.

In the UK, 97% of households have access to the internet, but the average speed is a relatively low 72Mbps, placing it around the EU average. The average cost is £26, again close to the EU average.

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