Workplace data: US media employees love their bosses the most

shutterstock angry boss 2023-06-20 at 11.09.29 AMEmployees working in the media and internet industries in the US are the most satisfied among major sectors with their bosses, according to data compiled by data tracking outfit SlotTracker.

The outfit found that 84.4% of media and internet employees expressed a positive opinion about their bosses.

Individuals aged between 18-34 are the most favourable, with 95.2% admitting to liking their bosses. The figure is 26% higher than for 50-69 year-olds.

SlotTracker found a gender disparity in the media and internet industry, with 86.8% of females showing a preference for their boss compared to 75% of males. Good management is cited as the primary reason for employees in this industry liking their boss.

Outside of media, the charity and voluntary sector ranks as the second most satisfied industry with their bosses, 82.9% of respondents expressing a positive view.

Bosses in the Information Technology sector secure third place, with 78.3% of employees admitting to liking their boss, citing good management skills as the primary reason.

The lowest placed sector in the survey was sales, where only 24.7% said they liked their boss. In sales, females dislike their boss the most with only 22.6% having positive feelings towards their manager, compared to 26.3% of men.

SlotTracker’s survey was undertaken asking US residents in different states whether or not they like their boss, and if so, why.

The results were compiled according to state and industry, and then each of these were further broken down by age and gender. The most common reason for liking their boss was also included.

​Any state or industry with fewer than 50 respondents was excluded from the final rankings due to a small sample size.

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