Norlys launches nationwide TV offering for Denmark


Danish energy and telecom provider Norlys has made its TV offering available nationwide, irrespective of whether customers sit in its network areas.

Norlys said it had struck new agreements with content suppliers that mean it can now provide a complete TV line-up via the Norlys Play app on a standalone basis.

Previously, the app was only available to customers who also had cable or antenna TV from Norlys.

The new product allows customers to choose the channels or streaming services they want from Norlys’ range and switch between them from month to month.

The service comes in three versions, where the customer can choose options with four, eight or 20 channels or streaming services.

For those customers looking for a traditional TV package, it is also possible to choose between a small, medium or large TV package. The launch of the new offerings does not affect the agreements that existing customers have, but if they wish to switch, they can do so.

Norlys, which owns the former Stofa cable operator network as well as its own fibre networks, recently acquired Telia Denmark to create a competitor in mobile and fixed telecoms with national scale.

“We are constantly looking at how customers want their TV delivered and how we can be the most attractive provider for TV customers. It is important for us to be able to offer a strong alternative to the target groups that prefer to stream all TV, and we can do just that with this solution,” said Sune Nabe Frederiksen, director of Norlys’ digital business.

“Customers demand more flexibility in their TV product. Many people already shop around between the well-known streaming services depending on which series or film is hot right now. A modern TV subscription must be able to accommodate that. That’s why we listen to customers’ needs and increase flexibility so they can choose channels and services on and off without having to think about point systems.”

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