Movistar Plus+ unveils new management structure

Domingo Corral

Spanish pay TV operator Movistar Plus+ has simplified its structure with a new organisational model that it says will better position it as the audiovisual entertainment leader in the country.

The Telefónica-owned operator is organising itself into two pillars encompassing fiction and entertainment, and sport respectively.

The fiction and entertainment pillar will be headed by Domingo Corral, bringing together departments covering creation, acquisition and production of fiction, documentaries and entertainment.

The sport pillar will meanwhile be headed by director of sport Enric Rojas, who will be in charge of acquisition, creation, production of live broadcasts and formats.

Movistar Plus+ is also creating a new position of chief marketing officer, to be occupied by Purificación González, who will be charged with developing a relevant and differentiated brand and content proposition that is discoverable and consumable across multiple channels.

Agustín Navarro, meanwhile, has been charged with responsibility for commercial and customer development, tasked with growing the brand  with a personalised user experience.

Domingo Nieto has been placed in charge of operations and new business development. Nieto’s area of responsibility encompasses advertising marketing, content sales and production outfit TBS.

TBS itself will be headed by Ignacio Fernández Vega.

Movistar Plus+’s management committee will be separately responsible for cross-pillar areas finance, legal, human resources and technology.

José Antional García Villar is in charge of finance, while Ángeles López Lobatón is in charge of legal.

Human resources is the responsibility of Loreto González. Movistar Plus+’s communications activities, integrated into the Telefónica global communications department, continues to be the responsibility of Pedro Calvo.

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